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Dapoli Urban Bank has now become a financial lifeline of Ratnagiri district and for that matter of entire Konkan. A small step taken 50 years ago to be economically self reliant has now been proven as a giant leap. Whenever you think of Dapoli taluka or Ratnagiri district, everytime Dapoli Urban Bank is the part of it. The financial growth during last couple of years has marked this organization as a successful one. Come, let’s join hands to reach new horizons, let the whole world know about us. We are proud to work with a concept, act local… think global.   

It is said that “We are what we owe”. And time has proven that we owe a strong belief to every customer. We serve them to repay the belief… to build it much stronger… to build ourselves yet stronger.  
'लिपिक' पदांची भरती Notice (dated 07/11/2022) शुद्धिपत्र Corrigendum (dated 14/11/2022)
Dapoli is a small town; a taluka headquarter in Ratnagiri district of Konkan region located to the extreme west of Maharashtra. This town is popularly known to the third world because of Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krushi Vidyapeeth. Dapoli now a days has become an attraction of tourists from the adjoining districts of Ratnagiri. At one side where nature has gifted quiet & clean beaches, many green ways and the tradition of hospitality; simultaneously, developing infrastructure has rewarded this region with neat & hassle free roads. Perhaps this is the only reason when thousands of people throng in to Dapoli during every weekend.
Dapoli is ideally located on 5 to 7 hours drive from many famous towns or cities. For example, 220 Km from Mumbai, 185 Km from Pune, 230 Km from Kolhapur and 350 Km from Nashik, the drive leads to a pleasures time through the world famous Western Ghats.

Weather : Due to its proximity with the sea and its high altitude, Dapoli experiences cool and pleasant climate all round the year. Even though October to February is deemed the best season for visiting Dapoli, you can plan a sojourn to this abode of immeasurable charm during any season. Summer in Dapoli extends from March to mid June when temperature ranges from 33°C to 7°C. May is the hottest month of the year. Monsoon, which sets in during the month of late June and lasts till late September, records the maximum rainfall of 426 mm. Winter in Dapoli extends from November to February when maximum temperature is recorded to be about 21°C while it can easily drop down below freezing level during the nights. Tourists are recommended to wear cotton clothes in summer and heavy woolens in winter.
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